EpiScreen™ - T cell epitope mapping

EpiScreen™ can be used to map T cell epitopes within a protein to determine its potential immunogenicity. EpiScreen™ T cell epitope mapping has been used to determine the precise location, number and magnitude of T cell epitopes in many toxins, protein scaffolds and proteins (both human and non-human) prior to deimmunisation[1].

The assay typically uses CD8+ T cell depleted peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PMBCs) from a minimum of 50 HLA-typed donors*, selected to represent the human population of interest, and overlapping short peptides spanning the protein sequence. CD4+ T cell activation is determined by measuring T cell proliferation using 3H-thymidine uptake.

After the accurate identification of peptides that stimulate CD4+ T cells in vitro, iTope™ and TCED™, our in silico tools, can be used to design deimmunised variants.

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1 Baker MP and Jones TD. Identification and removal of immunogenicity from therapeutic proteins.  Current Opinion Drug Discovery Development. 2007; 10(2):219-227

*We work with a range of established providers of blood who supply samples that are used with donor consent.

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